‼ - real name?
✺ - eye color?
✁ - hair?
☿ - zodiac sign?
☃ - tall/short?
❅ - any sports?
✈ - hobbies?
❤ - single/taken?
ツ - any pets?
☂ - favorite season?
✐ - fave types of movies?
❣ - how would it be your ideal date?
☣ - phobias?
☠ - fears?
✘ - hates?
° - ever were close to death?
♧ -..... on drugs?
♠ -.....smoked?
♦ -.....had alcohol?
❥ - sexual orientation
♚ - favorite eye color?
♛ - favorite hair color?
♪ - music you like?
✌ - favorite bands/ singers?
♒ - fave animes?
❦-.fave characters?
✿ - fave kind of clothing?
ღ - mottos?
✬ - photo of me?
Levi: making my way downtown
Levi: walking fast
Erwin: Join the survey corps!!!
Levi: walking faster
cadets….life may be short..but levi is definitely shorter

erwin smith giving a motivational speech at sometime probably (via deaneggsandsam)

So wait…was this the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul?

I don’t have an opinion on the whole independence thing with Scotland. Either way I’m not very bothered. Like, if you want independence that’s cool have your independence. If you’d rather stay that’s cool too, let’s drink some tea and have some scones.


The progression of video games in a few decades.


Wolf’s Rain // text posts part 12/??

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depression blog


I’m 100000% sure this happened at some point during the night you can’t convince me otherwise

slightly better quality over at da


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nihongogogo & isssan

Etch - Chapter 10 - Ereri Fanfiction


Ever since he was a kid, the same sentence had been drilled into his head over and over again, like a broken record: one day, you will find your mate and you will be willing to sacrifice your own life for theirs. And ever since he was a kid, he completely ignored the laughable advice and instead focused on his studies and training.

To Levi, it was all complete bullshit. He never found a mate.

That is, right up to the point when the dreaded moment came and he found himself soul mates not only with a seventeen-year-old kid, but also a Lycan, the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen.






“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Levi, you know I’d do anything for you-”

“Well, you clearly fucking wouldn’t!” Seeing that Levi raised his voice, Hanji cringed and looked around, looking down the hallway both ways before grabbing Levi’s shoulder and shoving him closer to the wall, urging him to be quiet.

“Keep it down!” She hissed. “You’re asking me to help you break a law. You might not want to announce that everywhere.” She pointed out. “What you’re asking me to do is be an accomplice in a break out. That’s illegal, and as much as I would love to help you, we would both be charged with treason and put to death.”

“Gee, can’t imagine what being sentenced to death feels like.” Levi dead-panned before his eyes widened dramatically. “Oh, wait. Eren probably does.” He sneered.

“Levi, you know I would help if I could…” She trailed off again. “But be real here. You don’t care about the consequences because whether we succeed or not, Eren will end up dead, and you with him,” The words were harsh, but Levi knew they were true. “However, if I were to die, so will Mike. And that’s not fair on him.” Of course. Hanji and Mike were blood-bound, after all. One dying would take a huge toll on the other.

“I don’t have the time nor the patience to be realistic.” He told her in reply. “Eren is in there all alone. He doesn’t deserve this, Hanji.” He growled, his fists clenching as he shook his head. He began walking, hearing Hanji’s footsteps behind him. She knew better than to leave him alone in his current state.

“Levi, you have to think through this. This isn’t something you can just make an impulse decision on!” Hanji exclaimed after him, hurrying her steps to match his. He wasn’t even sure where the hell he was going.

He knew she was right. But he also knew he had to get Eren out of there, and currently, that thought was a priority. And the next thought was almost as important; he wouldn’t be able to pull this off alone. There would be a butchery there and there was no guarantee he would win. Even with his skills, he was numerously outnumbered.

“Levi? When did you see Eren?”

The question didn’t surprise him. “Four hours ago.”

He heard her footsteps pause and involuntarily, he paused himself. “That’s not possible.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“I know everything about the infection, Levi. That’s my job.” She started. “You said you saw no symptoms. It’s been a full day since he was infected, if not more. You should be seeing the symptoms.”

Levi thought about it. All the cells he had walked past to get to Eren were filled with lycans whom had been infected during the full moon. They were all acting out, either in their wolf forms or pacing in their human forms or clawing at the silver bars in either form. But Eren had been calm.

“What are you saying?”

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"OMG I found a cute little thing!"


Levi and Eren talking in German.


„Forgive me, Sir… I screwed it up.“

“Only a bit.”

“I didn’t think about it… A-and now it’s my fault that you-”

“Eren, shut up… Things like this happen.”


“Eren. Shut up and stop crying. Learn from it and make it better next time.”

“Next time…”

(Eren’s talking formal; Levi informal)

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